Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is the ruler of Brittannia in the current timeline.


He has short, swept back blonde hair and red eyes. He is well built, and often wears his gold-plated armour during both battle and public meetings.


Bold and brave, Alexander is a firm believer in the Christian faith, brought in by King Uther Pendragon. He believes it is his birthrite to claim the Holy Land that Uther fought on for Brittannia, even if it means going to war with Kusha again. While he shows utter disgust by the sinful teachings of Emperor Kanishka, he shows a bit of respect for him simply due to his combat prowess. He seems curious as to how Kanishka has lived for so long, and believes him to be a Demon.

Alexander is highly protective of his daughter, Elizabeth, and often annoys her with his goofy-fatherly way of treating her. However, he takes her training seriously and takes her advice in battle to heart. However, this can be clouded by his protective nature and he will immediately step into a fight if things look bad on her end.

Alexander in his Gold-Plated Armour.