Arthur wielding Excalibur

Arthur Pendragon was a mighty and noble King who ruled over the land of Brittania for a course of 30 years before being slain by his illegitimate son, Mordred.


When he was younger, he had short brown hair and hazel eyes with a muscley build. Eventually, he would grow a beard around the age of 22. He kept his enchanted sword, Excalibur, on him at all times.


As a boy, Arthur was very curious but naive. He had a long dream of becoming a reknown champion of Justice, and his dream was fulfilled when the Mage Merlin trained him as a warrior. After gaining Excalibur, he decided to use it in his quest to retake his kingdom from the Dictator Constantine II. He always trusted Merlin, seeing him as both a teacher and a grandfatherly figure. Despite being a man who sought peace and justice wherever he went, Arthur held a secret lust for Morgause, unknown to him to be his half-sister. Discovering this after a love-affair with her, he is mortified and, out of fear for his reputation, banishes her from his kingdom. He regards Mordred as a mistake and scornfully despises him for his existance.


The legendary enchanted sword Excalibur is wielded by Arthur throughout his life. He first gained the sword through a contest on his travels, being the only person able to release it from a boulder. However, after his first duel with Mordred, he loses Excalibur, only to have it returned to him by the Lady of the Lake as a smaller, reforged blade.
Arthur vs Mordred

Arthur's final duel with Mordred.