Bari Argeno
Title Second Imperial prince of Orissita and Holy Prince of Gardenia, Barilai Villar Jubeli Argeno
Age 77
Height 5,10
Weight 157lbs
Weapon Wijnruit
Ultimate Weapon Pahildra
Summon Eden
Laterality Left
Home Baharuga, Gardenia
Elemental Color Green
Primary Role Life King
Special Ability Raisearaja
Allies The Holy Dark Empire
Holy Dark Empire

Barilai Villar Jubeli Argeno is the Second Imperial prince of Orissita and Holy Prince of Gardenia. Sweet funny and a precious sense of love and compassion. He reins as the second prince and will still probably never take the throne. Regardless he loves his country deeply and wishes only for someone to share his love with.

"Eyes open wide, blinded by the sun now.Orange and white, dark red, green and yellow"


Bari is handsom young man of average height who's sweet smile had captivated hearts for decades. Bari is something of an oddity in he house as blond hair had not appeared in either of the parents families in over 600 years. despite that he carries the Argeno families deep blue eyes. however it is thought that Bari is something of a love child from Vanns younger years with an unknown woman. However for public image it is fully supported that he is indeed the son of both the king and the emperor.

Baris house color is a soft leaf green.