The mighty hammer wielded by King Uther Pendragon smashed against the skull of a Kushan soldier, the helmet crunching from the weight and the eyes of the unfortunate soldier popping out as his head was also destroyed by it. Blood spattered against the ground as Uther turned and slammed the blood-covered hammer against another poor soldier's head. Like his compatriot, the next soldier fell dead on the ground. Uther shouted to his comrades "Keep up the pressure! They're falling back!" His Javelin-wielding division impaled 12 Kushan soldiers while charging through their ranks on horseback. Blood continued to pour onto the ground until everything was soaked in it. An agile Kushan warrior tossed what they called "War-wheels" at one of the Spearmen, slicing off his head from the mouth. At this, Uther threw his hammer at the killer of his soldier. The result was the hammer crashing into the soldier's chest, knocking the air out of him and causing one of his bones to impale his heart, immediately killing him. A golden chain was connected to the hilt of the Hammer and Uther's gauntlet. He pulled it back to him and retook his weapon just in time to guard against a bulky Kushan's axe with his shield and push him into a palm tree, where he slammed his hammer down on his armoured-skull. Brains splattered all over the plant, and the body of the Kushan crumpled to the ground.

A female Kushan archer pulled back her bow, the arrow being laced with a corrosive acid. She fired it directly at Uther, who saw the oncoming arrow in the reflection of his shield. He quickly whirled around and blocked the arrow with his shield, the sun reflecting off of the shiny metal and temporarily blinding the archer. This gave him enough time to quickly rush up the hill that she was on and break her knee with the hammer. She screamed out in pain and fell to the ground. Uther finished her by letting his hammer fall on her head, flattening it in a puddle of blood and bone. At this, he turned to his men, who were finishing off the rest of the Kushans "Don't let a single heretic escape! Finish each one!" At this, a young commander ran up to him "Milord! The Kushans are retreating! We have won!" He smiled down at him "Excellent! The day is ours! Luckily, that jungle is nearby." He points past the commander toward a small jungle entrance outside their desert-setting. "Let's go in and search for any stragglers." The commander nodded and ushered his troops to clear a path for the rest of the army.