Cane is a master gunman and Long-Ranged combat specialist. He has been employed by Akihiro to serve as the Captain of the Rifleman-Division of Akihiro's Band.


He has short, blonde hair and a single green eye, the other one missing from a bullet wound. He wears a black eyepatch with a golden eye design on the center over his wound. He often wears a brown duster with an english-styled suit underneath it.


Cold, calculating, and distant, Cane exhibits a mysterious and aloof persona most of the time. He dislikes company, and prefers solitude above all else, which Eve always disregards when visiting him. He owns a private gun collection, which he keeps neatly locked away in his cabin near the Headquarters for Akihiro's Band. He respects his fellow comrades, albeit he despises Nemesis for his animosity and is greatly annoyed by Eve for constantly pestering him. He greatly respects Shade's shooting skills, and vows to determine who is better after their first encounter.