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Chronicles of Arthuria Logo, featuring Mordred while he is a Knight of the Round Table.

The Chronicles of Arthuria is a story set 1,000 years before that of the current timeline. It's Protagonists change from Uther Pendragon, his son Arthur Pendragon, and finally the son after that, Mordred. The final chapter, however, switches the point of view over to Maikun Yatsumaru, ancestor to Sadow and Akihiro.


Uther Pendragon, King of Brittannia, has just won the Battle of Farthridge in his campaign against Kusha. Just as he is stopping by a well in a jungle, he falls ill soon after drinking the seemingly-blessed water, which has been heavily poisoned by what everyone presumes to be Kushan Assassins. A council known as the Table of Four takes over leadership of the country until a new heir can be found. The sage known as Merlin has a vision of a young man named Arthur being the only son concieved by Uther and sets out to find him in order to help him gain Kingship.

Arthur, a farmhand on a small village, is visited by Merlin and told of his destiny. Seeing the chance of adventure, Arthur takes up Merlin's offer to be taught in the way of the Hero. Along his travels, he meets a young girl named Morgause, who he immediately falls in love with. Their meeting is brief, as Merlin volunteers Arthur for a contest in a nearby fair in which he must pull out a sword stuck in a boulder. Despite even the most strong of men attempting to pull it out, none are able to release the sword. The boulder is enchanted to be indestructible, so means of releasing the sword by way of smashing the boulder are impossible. However, Arthur is able to pull out the enchanted blade and dubs it "Excalibur".

Soon after, Merlin leads him to Camelot to seek the audience of the Table of Four in order to prove that Arthur is, in fact, Uther's son. Immediately, Constantine II, son of Constantine the Great and chairmen of the Table of Four, spoke out against them. He ordered the Royal Guard to capture both Merlin and Arthur and prepare them for a public execution, to which Merlin ordered Arthur to use Excalibur against them. He quickly knocked each heavily-armoured opponent to the ground with his mighty swings. Each member of the Table of Four was impressed, other than Constantine, who was bitterly refusing to sign their charter that would relinquish the Table of Four's rule over Brittannia and license it over to Arthur.