Emet-Selch, the Dual
Title Emet-Selch, the Dual, Emet-Selch of the Horizontal and Vertical
Age Marcus-20, Jonathan-19
Height 6,1-5,11
Weight 155lbs-147lbs
Weapon Unknown
Summon Zalera
Laterality Right
Home Fontinegra
Elemental Color Blue and Red
Primary Role Duality
Allies The Zodiak
Family None-Orphan
Emet-Selch the Twin
"The TwO too shake the world."
—Emet-Selch, the Dual

Jonathan Ketes and Marcus Bilong, also known as Emet-Selch, the Dual, are the Ninth and Tenth members of the Formal order of the Zodiak Knights of the Holy Dark Empire. Born orphans of war the pair spent their entire lives together and raising each other. Together they willingly joined the Holy Dark Empire for a better life. Growing together side by side they both were inducted in to the Zodiak Knights as one Knight. Made guardians of the vertical and Horizontal, they were dubbed the Dual for they guard the dualities of life. Up and down, left and right, night and day, Life and Death.

They prospered as a team until their final mission as Zodiak Knights, to find and kill the King Of Reavers. Unfortunately they were both killed when their former ally Emmeroloth, the Bloody betrayed them and allowed The King and his Dark Reavers to kill almost all of his fellow knights.



Emet-(Jonathan Ketes)

Jonathan is a heavily muscled young handsome man of average height, he has a dark complexion with brown eyes and soft mid-lenght brown hair. He is described with having a fierce dispassion but with kind eyes and a soft smile. Marcus is a taller thinner young man but with a taught physique and a lighter skin tone, at least compared to his brother, he has sharp small blue eyes and short blonde hair. He is known for his happy disposition and piercing eyes that see into the soul.


Selch-(Marcus Bilong)

As young men they tend to dress in a manner befitting such, however when presented before the ministry of magic they, like their fellow knight, have formal robes and armor.


Jonathan is somewhat of a serious and stern young man, known to those close to him as a frighteningly professional person he is still unfailingly polite and respectful to those who have earned his trust and admiration. Despite his serious persona he has a very soft and playful side that only seems to brought out by his brother. Jonathan loves and respects his brother more than anyone and when Marcus was killed in the great betrayal Jonathan welcomed death, saying life had no meaning without his brother.


Brothers in a brotherly moment

Marcus however is extremely playful and happy, he only seems to find any pleasure in making people laugh and breaking the seriousness in any moment. Marcus always seems to be at his most active when people are at their least, so many can perceive his playfulness as annoying. However the only person who can seem to stomach his antics is his brother whom he loves dearly. In fact the only person whom Marcus will take seriously or pay any heed to is his brother, this led the two to be permanently paired together as Marcus could never seem to get anything done on his own.