Title: Fighting Fantasy VII

Author: Ericard

Platform: PSP

Status: Complete

From: M'sia

Fighting Fantasy VII is a fanmade game spinoff based from "Final Fantasy VII", however this game does not related to Final Fantasy VII timeline.

The story begin player control Ex-Soldier first class named "Cloud Strike", the mission begins where player defeat every unknown enemy in the Nigeon Lab. Further after, Cloud is destined to eliminate the Triad and Shunra to complete his mission that he sworn to his old friend, Jack.


Faith of Triumph

The first playable character Cloud in his new independent mission. 

Fatal Mission

The most early chapter in the Fighting Fantasy VII series, the original story character named "Jack Fair".

Playable Characters:
Cloud Strike, Jack Fair

Partners (NPC):
Barren, Tina, Alice, X3(Akin), Yui, Vince, Syd.

Display Characters:
Jack Fair, Kate Siff

In the Boss Room, walk to the center between Takuma and Dean. The stage will 
warp and lets you choose other secret characters such as Zack, Ryu, Ken, Guy and more.

Secret Levels:
Secret level, walk toward M.Bison's portrait(center between Goro and Sojo), the stage
will instantly warp through another levels.


Commentary players





Download(PSP only): Last update "15/9/2016"

PC(EXE Version) is now available, excluding hidden characters.

Secret Character Based Voice Skills Alternative color
1 Jack(Cloud as Partner) Fighting Fantasy VII English Original style None
2 Ryu Street Fighter Japan Martial Arts 7
3 Ken Street Fighter Japan Martial Arts 7
4 Guile Street Fighter English Martial Arts 7
5 Cody Final Fight English Martial Arts 7
6 Haggar Final Fight English Wrestler 7
7 Guy Final Fight Japan Martial Arts 7
8 Maki Final Fight Japan Martial Arts 7
9 Rockman Rockman Japan Long/Short range 7
10 Dan Street Fighter Japan Martial Arts 7
11 Gouki Street Fighter Japan Martial Arts 7
12 Vega Street Fighter Japan Psycho Power 7
13 Sol Badguy Guilty Gear Japan Flame/Blade None
14 Kazuya Tekken Japan Martial Arts None
15 Goku Bandai Japan Martial Arts None
16 Gundam Bandai Japan Machine None
17 Hwang Soul Calibur Japan Blade None
18 Ericard(author himself) Original Character Hokkien Summoner None
19 Pyron Darkstalkers Unknown Original Style 7
20 Darth Maul Star Wars English Sith Art 3
21 Onslaught Marvel English Original Style 7
22 Doctor Doom Marvel English Original Style 7
23 Thanos Marvel English Original Style 3
24 Magneto Marvel English Original Style None