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A waking dream, a sleepless night; you live your fantasy, a Final Fantasy, a world alive in your head. But what if you could explore those worlds, be it the endlessness of the mighty Gran Pulse or the machine rich veins of mako in Midgar? What if you could make a new life, a new world, a new dream?

With all the characters, locations and magic are at your disposal to edit and enhance, it is only a matter of will. So go forth and forge a new legend, write your name in the skies. And who knows? Maybe...maybe you'll make your own Fantasy.

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Magic (General)
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  • Summer 2011-

Final fantasy Fanon wiki is under new management . Any questions, comments or tack remarks can be directed at me.--Bourgeois Shangri-la Have fun and happy editing!

  • Summer 2011-

Attention! Magic pages need to be filled anyone willing to fill the entire Black Magic page will be rewarded greatly! See Me for details!--Bourgeois Shangri-la

  • Summer 2011-

I am grateful to see a new group of talented editors coming to this wiki and adding their fresh and interesting ideas. I also hope that as we head into the fall we can up the pace of activity in the wiki. So to all new users and the older ones lets keep it going and make it better.--Bourgeois Shangri-la

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Tiamat, an ancient figure in Pulsian mythology. Said to have served under the King of Dragons, Bahamut, he was known for a time as the Guardian of the Seas.

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Kimmihiro Argeno is the third holy Prince of The dark Holy empire and ruler of Paulkariko. Gentle cool and soft Kimmihiro is a benevolent ruler and his mighty water magic makes him a lethal magician.

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thumb|300px|right The teaser trailer released for the newly announced sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2.