Year 2014
  • Game
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Raevyn Fyre
  • Raine Iyce
  • Shadowa Shayde
  • Strength Brayverie
  • Cold Iyce
  • Fante Shayde
  • Lypha Lype (Deceased)
  • Raevyn's Mother (Deceased)
  • Raevyn's Father (Final Boss)



A woman named Raevyn is Born at 2011. She discovered her Father is Evil but her mother is Kind. Choosing Kind or Evil, She Chose Kind.

Final Fantasy XVIII

January 10, 2030: She learned White Magic Skills from her Mother. She Began to Figh with Demons, Monsters and Her Greatest Fears, Her Father. Disc 1

March 25, 2034: With her Former Rival, Raine, She and Raevyn had Worked together but She need more Party Members. Disc 2

April 12, 2035: The Death of Lypha Lype. Disc 3

Final Battle: All Members have Defeated her Father. Disc 4



A Former Rival of Raine Iyce.

A Former Rival of Game's Protagonist, Raevyn Fyre

Ninja and Uses More Black Magic than Black Mage Fante

Her Name "Strength" Symbolizes Bravery.

"Cold Iyce" or "Cold Ice"? Her Name Symbolizes Coldness to the Earth.

Has Lesser Magic than Shadowa Shade.

A Princess who had Lost her Skills. She Got Few Skills Back and Dead at Disc 3.

Heart Sign Artwork


  • Lypha's Sign

Symbolizes her Weapon, Buffalo Star

  • Raevyn's Sign

Symbolizes her Weapon, Wandering Fire Whisker

  • Raine's Sign

Symbolizes her Weapon, Ice Star

  • Strength's Sign

Symbolizes his Weapon, the Swordsman's Sword

  • Cold's Sign

'Symbolizes her 'Weapon, the X Star

  • Fante's Sign

Symbolizes her Weapon, the Spirit Shadow Whisker

  • Shadowa's Sign

Symbolizes his Weapon, the Spirit Super Shadow Whisker