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Gillespie is a main character in Yocun's Story, serving as a black mage on Yocun's pilgrimage.

Before Yocun's Story

The six-year-old Gillespie appeared on the doorstep of the Macalania Temple one fateful night, claiming that her family had been killed by Sin. She did not know how she survived, so Zolono, the newly-appointed head priest of Macalania Temple took it upon himself to raise the girl as his own. Yocun, then a teenager, became her sister figure.

Eventually, Zolono officially adopted the girl and the entire village began to treat her differently because she was the "miracle child" who survived an encounter with Sin. Soon, Gillespie learned to manipulate the care she had been given and became known as a brat. The townspeople stopped treating her nicely, all except Yocun, who continually treated her special up until the latter joined the Crusaders.

Left with only Zolono, who insisted that she become a priestess, she was forced to agree to his terms: that she become a priestess on her fifteenth birthday if he still wanted her to be. At age fourteen, Zolono should no signs of giving up his dream for her, causing her to act more rebellious such as learning black magic to infuriate him (Black magic is not sacrilegious. Gillespie had it confused with arcane magic.)

Yocun's Story


Gillespie is a traditional black mage, having used the following abilities:

  • Fire (Gillespie)
  • Water (Gillespie)
  • Blizzard (Gillespie)
  • Thunder (Gillespie)
  • Watera (Practice)