Halmarut, the Arbiter
Title Halmarut, the Arbiter, Halmarut of the Center
Age 19
Height 5,11
Weight 167lbs
Weapon Dies Irae
Summon Exodus
Laterality Right
Home Caradiack Volcano
Elemental Color Dark Red
Primary Role King of the Hi-Palace
Allies The Zodiak
Family None-Orphan
Halmarut of Vengence
"Most powerful of the knights, tasked with keeping watch over the Center, with the authority to judge the value of all things. As he watched, unseen, unknown, his attachment to the world dwindled and faded until it was almost as nothing. At some point he seemed to be less obsessed with assessing the value of things and more obsessed with judging things into oblivion, so is he the Arbiter-Judge, jury and self proclaimed executioner."
—Primer bio-XXII
"Thats a lonely road to travel, and a heavy load to bear."
—Halmarut, the Arbiter

Damian West Schwartz, also known as, Halmarut the, Arbiter, is the fourth member of the Formal order of the Zodiak Knights of the Holy Dark Empire. Having been forsaken by his family at an extremely young age he was found by the empire after stealing from their trash for food. Recognized for his tenacity to live he was brought into the empire and trained for several years until made the official fourth member of the Zodiak knights and made guardian of the Center.

However unlike his fellow knights he fell in love over his time as a knight and officially abandoned the Zodiak Knight before their final assignments. He is not counted amont the surviving Zodiak Knights as he abandoned the order before Emmeroloth rose against the empire.



Halmarut at age 19

Halmarut is an extremely tall and strikingly handsom young man with a chiseled-well built body and short cropped sandy brown hair. Despite is modeled physique he is best known for his blue eyes, people say that his eyes have hypnotic properties and that one look is like gazing into a blue abyss. His trancendent eyes coupled with his 600,000 dollar body makes him the center of attention among the female and sometimes male member of the Empire, as well as some of his fellow knights.

Despite that Halmarut is remarkably shy and is extremely embarrassed to show his body and hesitant when forced to do so.


Halmarut appears to be a polite and self-possessed young man, and sometimes a bit of a dork, with a quirky awkwardness when he would speak, at first never being sure what to say, however Halmarut is quite honorable and refuses to attack anyone unable to fight back even if ordered to do so, he sticks firm to an agreement and if he doles out a promise (which he rarely does) he will move heaven and earth to fulfill it. Halmarut is an obviously good-looking boy, but seems to become embarrassed easily by the attention he's given at times. He becomes increasingly self-conscious about his body, particularly when he is forced to change in front of his fellow male knights.


A shy, but unmistakably sweet boy.

Despite being a nice boy, Halmarut is rather socially awkward and naive, and is generally oblivious to how much the girls (or guys) find him attractive, he claims this is because of limited interaction with people, due to him being generally isolated most of his life. This appears to cause him to move a bit more quickly than most would in terms of interacting with people, as he did when he fell in love and quickly abandoned his position as a knight for love, a decision that ultimately ended up saving his life.