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Kaley is a recurring character in Yocun's Story, the younger sister of Yocun's guardian Barton.

Before Yocun's Story

Kaley was born in Lake Macalania, the youngest of two children. Her mother soon became a single parent after the loss of her father and her mental state deteriorated greatly over the years. She and her older brother Barton got along well and worked together to help take care of their aging mother until Barton chose to join the Crusaders, leaving Kaley alone to care for their mother.

Yocun's Story

Barton returned home to Lake Macalania for the first time in several years, receiving an angry welcome from Kaley. Kaley had grown bitter over the last couple of years, having wanted to travel Spira, but never having been able due to their mother. Barton apologized, but Kaley did not accept it.

As Barton prepared to leave, Kaley made note that Barton didn't even visit mother. However, Kaley told him it was better that he didn't, as their mother's mind had become so bad that she did not even recognize him anymore. Honestly, though a bit sarcastically, Kaley wished him luck on his pilgrimage, sternly ordering him not to die.