Emperor Kanishka

Emperor Kanishka is the 2000-year old Emperor of the Kushan Empire and an extremely powerful Demon.


He has black hair and dark eyes that glow yellow when light reflects off of them, similarly to a cat or dog. He has dark skin and bears tattoos all over his body. He normally wears tattered red rags.


He claims to be a simple man who is enjoying life. Though the emperor is anything but simple. Many have called him a lunatic for his bloodthirsty attitude in all of the wars he's been in. A man of indulgence, Kanishka enjoys rich, foreign wine, women sleeping with him whenever he wants, as well as music. He has gained the title of "Dragon of Kusha" during his campaign against Uther Pendragon and Brittannia.

His overall goal is to become the supreme God of all mankind, spreading sin throughout the world like a "blanket of shadow". While he respects King Alexander for his power and resemblance to his old rival, Uther, he believes him to be naive of the true nature of the world and blind for following his strict religion. He has no qualms over using his own people and even torturing some of them, seeing other beings as objects to further his ambitions.


  • Demonic Spells Master: His knowledge of Demonic craft far exceeds any that have been shown so far. He showcases this in his first fight with Sadow, repelling all of his Demonic magic attacks with his own, enhanced versions.
  • Released Form: His Released Form is unique in that it is a mixture of physical transformation and ability, unlike any other Demon. His Released Form allows him to change his physical properties at will, from solid to liquid to gas. He is even able to harden his skin into a Daimond-like armour encasement. This allows him to avoid most injuries easily.