Kenji Oh
A.K.A. Kenji-sama
Japanese Name 賢治オ
Romaji Oh Kenji
Weapon Scythe
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth June,2 1990
Age 18
Height 6'0
Blood Type Unknown
Japanese Voice Actor None
English Voice Actor None
Final Fantasy VII Character

Kenji Oh is a Former SOLDIER and friend of Ryukai


Kenji has short blue hair, with green highlights. He wears a white short sleeve jacket, white baggy pants, and has a scar on the right side of his face.


Kenji was found by Sephiroth, Zack, and Ryukai when they where just starting out as SOLDIER. He was trained by the three men and was very close to Ryukai, seeing him as the father he never knew.

When Sephiroth betrayed Shin-Ra and SOLDIER, Kenji and Ryukai left to find him and talk him out of his vengeance, however, Kenji was attacked by SOLDIER, but saved by Zack, Genesis, and Ryukai. After Sephiroth and Zach had been killed, he, along with Ryukai left SOLDIER.


Kenji's Strength is well below most of the other members of SOLIDER.While he is a good sword fighter,he perverse magic and has shown high use in it.Kenji dose not carry a sword,like the rest of SOLIDER,instead he has a large blue scythe.


Kenji has a pure and gentle heart, he doesn't like to kill or see others in pain or suffering. Kenji has a strong attachment with his mentor. Kenji is also very bright, as well as brave, and a good leader.


Kenji's Scythe.