Kimmihiro Argeno
Title Third Imperial Prince of Orissita and Holy Prince of Paulkariko, Kimmihiro Pulankia Vaull Argeno
Age 67
Height 5'9"
Weight 157lbs
Weapon Manfront
Ultimate Weapon Alls Vanity
Summon Famfrit
Laterality Right
Home Baharuga, Paulkariko
Elemental Color AzureWater Ice
Primary Role Watera King
Special Ability Cureraja
Allies The Holy Dark Empire
Holy Dark Empire

Kimmihiro Pulankia Vaull Argeno is the Third Imperial Prince of Orissita and Holy Prince of Paulkariko. The youngest of the emperors children Kimmihiro will never ascend to the throne, a fact he cares very little for. He wishes to advocate from the throne in order to live the life of a commoner with the one he loves. In the mean time he is a jovial and happy prince and fair ruler of Paulkariko. He is extremely powerful and regarded as the empires strongest magician.

"Hush and Sush."


Kimmihiro is slim a young man of a relatively short height. he is a strong carrier of both of his parents genes with the traditional pale Argeno skin and the traditional Abyss black Adduneihi hair. he however has strange eyes that are unique for even Orrisians, normally their pupils reflect their affinitive powers but Kimmihiro has the ability to change his at will resulting in many different shapes and patters, as well as colors in his eyes.

Finally Kimmihiro s house color is an ocean blue.