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Kurai Uzushio (渦潮闇い, Uzushio Kurai) is a minor antagonist in some of the stories written by Shiki Seishi. Kurai is a SOLDIER 2nd Class who favors the use of a standard issue Mythril Sword and a small handgun, which is usually at his side; he very rarely uses materia. Kurai excels in the area of stealth, and can sneak in and out of places with the ease usually seen in senior SOLDIER members, he usually uses this skill to complete mission more efficently, however he does occasionally use it for other (more sinister) reasons.

It is later revealed that, not only does he harbor and intense dislike for Shiki Seishi and Zack Fair, though his reasons are thus far unknown.


Kurai has medium-length blonde hair, which is straight and sits at his chin. He has an average build and stands at around six-foot-three, a good height for a SOLDIER. He wears the typical SOLDIER 2nd Class uniform, though he does have a habit of leaving behind his helmet.


Kurai, while rather arrogant, has a way of pulling people in. He immerses people in his web and manipulates them to his liking, which he does discreetly. He'd do practically anything to have things his own way, or if he saw them benefical to him in the long run.

Kurai's extremely cunning, stealthy and intelligent; he's also known for his acting skills, which come into play more than one would suspect. He usually makes himself appear friendly and rather normal by SOLDIER standards, though Kurai's deceit is later discovered.