Lake Fasha
Location Central Orissita. Capital city Lake

Founding Unknown
Naturally Formed
Population Over 700,000, including wildlife

The Great Crystal Lake of Lady Fasha or Lake Fasha is the lake in which the holy Capital of Baharuga sits upon. It is said much of Baharugas’ and the Holy Dark Empire secrets are held deep within Fashas’ waters, sealed away to preserve their way of Holiness and perfection.

“Lake Fasha, just like madam Fasha herself. Beautiful and elegant, but hold many lies under her crystal mask.”

Lake Fasha is the largest of the world and is home to strange natural crystal waves. The lake being a hundreds of miles wide is perfect defense for keeping intruders at bay. The lake was named after Madam Fasha the first head priestess of the Holy Dark Empire and wife to St.Baharuga. A few years before her death Madam Fasha used her powers to turn the perimeter of the lake into solid crystal for miles. Other chunks of large crystal inhabit the lake, freely floating like gigantic icebergs. It is known as one of the most beautiful sights in the world, making it a treasure among the entirety of the Holy Dark Empire.


  • Lake Fashas theme is Bevelle's Secrets.

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