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Lake Macalania is a location in Spira, home to a temple of Yevon.

Yocun's Story

The Lake and its temple are largely similar to its counterpart. Yocun, Gillespie, and Barton all grew up in Macalania and Gillespie's adoptive father Zolono is the high priest of the temple.

Yocun and her guardians Barton and Silva made their first stop here in order to receive their first aeon Shiva, but also to say goodbye to friends and family. Unexpectedly, Gillespie met them inside the cloister of trials and in order to protect her from punishment Yocun added her as a guardian.

Also living in the city were Barton's elderly mother and his bitter sister Kaley. Despite their rocky relationship in the past. Kaley wished Barton luck on his journey.