Lindum is one of the cities that was established on the surface of Final Fantasy XIII's secondary planet, Gran Pulse; after the events leading up to the fall and subsequent crystallization of Cocoon. Raised from the ground up, Lindum is located south of the Yaschas Massif, along with the newly reconstructed town of Paddra.

Presently, Lindum is one of the larger cities on Gran Pulse, playing home to a population exceeding the hundred thousand mark. The city exists on the edge of a relatively large body of freshwater, backed by a large amount of forest; though a large amount of timber was gathered from the Pulsian trees cut down to make room for the city itself. Currently, Lindum has no professional military force to maintain the peace; rather, a group consisting of ex-soldiers and willing civilians patrol Lindum around the clock, exterminating whatever monsters they can and keeping people out of trouble.

Lake Odine


Playing home to a large number of the refugees from Cocoon, Lindum lies at the southernmost border of the Yaschas Massif and is the closest city to the reconstructed city of Paddra, a previously deserted Pulsian city. The area surrounding the city is what brings in its large tourism and population base; from the entirely freshwater body, Lake Odine, all the way to the Yaschas Forest. It is one of the most beautiful, advanced cities to date.

—Pulse Tourism Bureau

Surrounding Area

  • Lake Odine
  • Yaschas Massif
  • Paddra
  • Shumi Mountains
  • Lenown Plains


  • Lake Odine is a subtle homage to Final Fantasy VIII, named after the Estharian scientist, Dr. Odine.
  • The Lenown Plains is an area in Final Fantasy VIII, located near the Cape of Good Hope.
  • The word Shumi in the Shumi Mountains is taken from not only a race of humanoid creatures of the same name from Final Fantasy VIII, but also Shumi Village, the village in which members of the Shumi Tribe live.
  • Paddra, the neighbouring city to Lindum, is an in-game location; existing as only ruins in Final Fantasy XIII, the party passes briefly through the Pulsian city during their time on Gran Pulse.