Loghrif, the Transcendent
Title Loghrif, the Transcendent, Loghrif of the Southeast
Age 20
Height 6,0
Weight 161bs
Weapon Unknown
Summon Ixion
Laterality Right
Home Rion, the Red Moon
Elemental Color Cobalt Yellow
Primary Role Gungeir
Allies The Zodiak
Family None-Orphan
Loghrif Of Thunder
"leader among the Zodiak, able to reduce to nothing aught he strikes with a single vengeful blow of his fist. He was made by the Empire to quell the fiends that raged in the Hidden World, his immense strength and fearsome visage drew the fiends far from the old world. Loghrif rose to prominence in the Hidden World, whence he was named the Transcendent, fleeting, fast and completely unsurmountable."
—Primer bio-XXV
"Why dont't you come over Valerie?"
—Loghrif, the Transcendent

Nathan Marcus Skerman, also known as Loghrif the Trancendent, Is the leader of the Formal order of the Zodiak Knights of the Holy Dark Empire. Born an Orphan of War Loghrif was rescued by the Holy dark Empire, where his massive magical power was immediately recognized. having undergone rigorous training all his life he eventually became the leader of the Zodiak Knights, where he would be guard over the Southeast. His life came to a tragic end when he and the other Zodiak Knights were sent on assignment to kill the band of Dark Reavers. However due to the betrayal from Emmerololth, the Sinless he and his fellow Knights were all killed by in the great betrayal.



Loghrif at age 18

Loghrif is an extremely handsome and heavily muscled young man. He is a young man of caucasian descent with fair skin, narrow blue eyes and mid-length blonde hair. He a very sharp and strong young man known for his strong brow and chin line that could cut though diamond.

His appearance seems to exude a radiant strength and fierce power. Yet his presence is remarkable calm and steady. He is describes as perfectly angular with high cheek bones and straight nose.


Loghrif's most prominent personality trait is his compassion, he like Deudalaphon, the Benevolent is capable of perfect empathy and can feel anothers pain and sadness as his own. He believes as a leader it is his duty to bare the burdens of his teamates and abandon his own. He believes he no longer has the luxury of fear or doubt, and that even in the face of overwhelming power his courage and faith would be able to carry him and his team through any crisis. Loghrif has shouldered many burdens throughout his many years and had built a resolve all his own, he has strengthen it to a point to where he has killed all his doubt an even in his final moments he stood firm believing that all his strife and struggle was for something larger and more powerful than himself.


Loghrif the...damn

Loghrif also has placed an enormous amount of trust in the Holy Empire, having sworn his loyalty to the Empire and made first member of the Zodiak knights, he like Nabriales, the Majestic feels duty bound, unlike her however he had no doubts or reservations about carrying out their will with deadly precision.

Despite his fearless persona he is still a happy and compassionate young man with a good sense of humor that finds joy in nothing more then being with others and laughing with friends.