Lucendia the Dust-Lifter
Title Lucendia the Dust-Lifter
Age Unknown thought to be over 700
Height 7,9
Weight 110lbs
Weapon Bare handed combat
Summon The infinite one
Laterality Ambidextrous
Home Fontinegra
Elemental Color Violet
Primary Role The Lost One
Allies None
Family Raftela (Mother) (Deceased)
Lucendia the Lost
"It must have been over 2 hundred years ago when I met that woman. Even I was unaware of how powerful she was, and how little my life was compared to hers."
Mahara Colst Commenting on Lucendia

Lucendia the Dust-Lifter is the former empress of the Holy Dark Empire and the only person to ever defeat the royal trio of Mahara Colst, Emperor Adduneihu and Vann Argeno. Her strength was so great it is thought that she could have conquered the world in a whim. However two hundred years ago her power began to drive her mad and in desperation Adduneihu's first son sacrificed himself to seal her away using his own flesh. With the sacrifice of Adduneihu's son Lucendia was sealed deep beneath the temple and her existence fell to myth. However centuries later the body of the emperors son began to rot and Lucendia's power began to stir.

Having lived within a prison of flesh for hundreds of years had made her go insane and her madness seeks to escape and corrupt all of creation. Her ultimate goal is to destroy all of the holy dark empire and then herself. In doing so she hopes to be with her "children" for all eternity by killing them and sealing the empire itself inside her own body. Her body would then be unable to handle the massive amount of power created by the empire and her body would be destroyed along with all that was sealed inside.

"There's a god that can't be seen...I am a god that can be seen. I am the existance which surpasses the rulers of heaven themselves...Madness Incarnate."
— Lucendia the Dust-Lifter


Lucendia is not technically human. She is the result of an Orisstian man and demon woman coming together to make a child. As such she is a beast of a creature at 7,9 and easily dwarfs even a full grown man. Despite her massive height she is relatively thin and frail looking. She drapes herself in a long lavender ruffled dress with a metal collar and shoulder charms. She has red cat like eyes and messy blonde green hair which she keeps in pigtails.

Lucendia fancies herself a god, and often refers to herself as a Mother of creation. Despite her arrogance her claims are undoubtedly true as she had been described as "a being on another level. Her presence can be described in various minor details, she is never seen blinking, and almost never grunted or breathed, and even in the heat of battle kept her voice calm and controlled. In her battle with the current royal family she never showed signs of fatigue, slowing or even sweating.