Maikun Yatsumaru

Maikun Yatsumaru is a legendary figure in the Yatsumaru family and the ancestor to Sadow and Akihiro.


He had short, white hair and blue eyes. He was fairly tall, much like Sadow, and had a standard build.


Shy and distant, Maikun was not much of a noticeable person, even within the large Yatsumaru family. He always did as people asked of him, and was always generous to the needy. When the Yatsumaru family began holding a tournament to decide it's strongest member to send out with a Kawahiru to fight Mordred, Maikun defeated each opponent with ease. Amazed by his skill in battle, he was immediately elected for the task. In his fight, he was unsure of himself and berated by Mordred for being weak. When Yeshua encouraged him, he fought at his full capacity against the opponent and even managed to beat him back for a while.

Amazed at their skill, Mordred fought harder and, once again, cornered them. It was when Yeshua was on the verge of death that Maikun revealed his true fear. Upon the Demons offering him power in exchange for his bloodied comrade, Maikun consolled Yeshua before sacrificing him and gaining Demonic power. He used it to defeat the powerful Mordred and brutally slay him. He refused to let his family and friends see him in such a state, and decided to perform Hara-Kiri after sending a letter detailing the battle and warning his family to not use the power he did.
Young Maikun

A young Maikun