Marco Argeno
Title First imperial prince of Orissita and Holy Prince of Lavatania,Marco Thessunia Akrita Argeno
Age 94
Height 6,1
Weight 171lbs
Weapon Dåna
Ultimate Weapon Draken Bloom
Summon Odin
Laterality Right
Home Baharuga,Lavatania
Elemental Color Yellow Thunder
Primary Role Thunder King
Special Ability Warparaja
Allies The Holy Dark Empire
Holy Dark Empire

Marco Thessunia Akrita Argeno is the First Imperial Prince and Holy ruler of Lavatania. As the eldest child of the Emperor Marco stands in direct succession to acquire the emperors throne. Marco greatly resembles his father in act. Very stoic smart but with a large heart for love and compassion. He rules Lavatania with an elegant hand and strong thunder magic’s.

"Stay close to me, count 1,2 and 3"


Marco is a tall, well built dashing young man who has left the young girls and women of the empire swooning for years. He like his younger brothers is a strong carrier of his family s genes, with his mothers abyss black hair and his fathers pale skin. His eyes are yellow thunder mandalas reflecting his massive power of the storms and the lighting.

His house color is a sharp gold and yellow.