Merlin is a well-versed Mage and is also known as the Sage of Brittannia for having saved the nation many times with his magical practices.


He has long, sandy-blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes. He often wears round glasses.


Many see him as mysterious, yet polite and kind. He displays a caring side and claims his goal is to protect Brittannia at all costs. However, to that end, he is extremely manipulative and cunning, displayed by how he is able to train Arthur to become King of Brittannia and take advantage of his affair with Morgause to write Brittannia's history for itself.

Magic Abilities

His power is said to be second only to Morgan La Fey, though he admits to Arthur that the Lady in the Lake is far more powerful than he is. However, he is defeated in an Arcane Duel by the young Witch, Naneive, and sealed in an ice pillar until Mordred unwittingly freed him.