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Mordred is the illegitimate son of King Arthur and Morgause.


As a child, he had extremely long, matted black hair and dark grey eyes that appeared slitted. As he grew up, he shortened his hair and began wearing a black suit-Trenchcoat with a black brim hat that was cut on the side to reveal his left eye. When dueling his father, he dawned the Eclipse armour and welt a Chrystal-forged sword similar in appearance to Arthur's re-forged Excalibur. In this fight, his hair lengthens down to his waiste due to him using the sorcery taught to him by his aunt.


As a child, Mordred was extremely sensitive and emotional, taking the words of others at heart. He was philosophical, and tried to find a meaning behind everything. He had a love of the sea and night. He was afraid of his mother and aunt, both highly manipulative of him, and was always curious about his father. His closest relationship, however, would have to be with his saviour, mentor, and motherly-figure Naneive. He looks up to her and makes it his duty early in life to protect her, and even develops a secret affection for her.

Upon learning of his destiny as well as the death of Naneive at Merlin's hands, Mordred takes on a darker, more sadistic persona befitting that of his given fate. He learns sorcery by Morgan La Fey, and goes on to join the Round Table under the alias of Michael and formulates a war with the country of Gaust as a means of getting closer to Arthur for his final confrontation.


Mordred as a child