Nemesis is Akihiro's Band's fastest fighter and most agile combatant. He has been employed by Akihiro to be the Band's Berserker Divisonary Captain.


Nemesis has long blue hair that is kept up in a ponytail and blue, snake-like eyes. He has pale skin and is exceedingly muscular. His fingernails are filed so that they are clawed. His lips are worn with blue lipstick. He also wears blue tape on his wrists and a shackle on his left wrist that is connected to the chain, which is also connected to his weapon. He wears Samurai-style red pants with a blue belt and rope tying the blue pads to the shins.


Nemesis himself says his sole purpose in life is creating a masterpiece through carnage, and using blood as his paint. He is extremely bloodthirsty, and many have noted him as being insane. His own men fear him and thus obey him without hesitation. He has no qualms of who he rapes or kills, even telling his men that fun is their main objective, no matter the situation.

Nemesis with Giant Shuriken

Nemesis wielding his Giant Shuriken