Pandora in her human form

Pandora is a Celestial, like Eve, who was born to bring about the end of humanity.


In her human form, she has spikey dark blue hair and black eyes. She is fairly short, being only 5'4", and often wears dresses of varying style. In her Celestial form, however, she has dark skin and golden eyes, as well as a seal tattooed to her forehead.


Bubbily and childish, though not as much as Eve, Pandora creates an image of innocence to mask her inner turmoil and feelings of self hatred. She seems to regard Shade with a sense of older-brother companionship, as well as Mahara as an older sister. She shares this sibling-like attitude with Baldr. However, during their travels she seems to develop an affection for Sadow that she hides from him. She also seems ashamed of both her birth rite as well as her true form, calling both "ugly". However, in her time with him Sadow inspires her to enjoy life more and ignore what fate has defined her life as.

Pandora's Celestial Form