Pashtarot, the Knight-Star
Title Pashtarot, the Knight-Star, Pashtarot of the Southwest
Age 18
Height 5,10
Weight 153lbs
Weapon The Gahalara
Summon Zeromus
Laterality Right
Home Giruvegan
Elemental Color Black
Primary Role Keeper of the Wave
Allies The Zodiak
Family None-Orphan
Pashtarot of Stars
"Honoring the law more than any other, a knight of holy order and condemner of criminals. Great guard of the Southwest He turns his deep, abiding hatred for those who break the law into living steel, therein to plunge the guilty in fell judgment. Over time did his blade become dull and his senses became as such, so named the Knight-Star and he did fall from grace when sinless turned to bloody."
—Primer bio-XXV
" Vacation and Barbeque. Small talking and nothing to do."
— -Pashtarot, the Knight-Star

Bergan Jovani Damies, also known as, Pashtarot, the Knight-Star is the tenth member of the Formal order of the Zodiak Knights of the Holy Dark Empire. Pashtarot was born to a human mother and demon-blood father in Giruvegan where he lived for several years before a Dark Reaver campaign left him orphaned and in the hands of the ministry of magic. He was trained in the sword magic and eventually became a member of the newly formed Zodiak Knights, where he was assigned guardian of the Southwest.

However his life as a knight was struck short when he along with his fellow Zodiak Knights were killed on an assignment to kill the Reaver King. Their defeat was due to the betrayl of Emmeroloth, the Bloody, whom he struck with an Iron Curse before he was killed. Pashtarot's curse was integral to Nabriales, the Majestic catching Emmeroloth years later.



Pashtarot, the Morning-Star

Pashtarot is slim, well-built, sleek, and very handsome young gentleman. Believing that a proper attire is only fitting to one of such a noble title and duty (aka- his knighthood status). As a boy he often studied the fashion trend of the lost times, he was stricken by the mens sleek and well groomed appearance he began dressing and acting in an older and more respective fashion and found it to his liking, as such he keeps his normally curly brown hair sleeked back into a pomade heavy style, letting people see the full glory of his large hazel green eyes. He is always dressed flawlessly in sharp retro styled suites and is somewhat obsessed with keeping himself immaculate and formal.


Pashtarot is a dapper, sweet, charming, very good looking, charismatic young man, with a confident exterior that often belies his insecurities. He has apparently become more secure in himself in recent years. Rather laid back, few things seem to bother him on a deep level, save for a few personal regrets from his time before becoming a full fledged knight. He seems to spend a lot of time in introspection. Empathetic and understanding, he seems more than happy to offer a shoulder to cry on to a complete stranger.


Pash, the Evening-Star

Pashtarot is well-spoken and educated, sharing long and lengthy conversations with others regarding politics and even frivolous things like the latest fashion. He refers to himself as the product of a later generation, when men were men and morals actually counted for something more substantial then a quick, fun time. He has a dry wit, subtle sense of humor and seems to particularly enjoy making others feel happy and comfortable.