Shade has white hair and amber colored eyes. His hair is spiked back, and on his face is a constant grin, which only fades in combat, or the end of a bad hand of Blackjack.

Shade wears a blood red longcoat with torn sleeves, over a greenish black tanktop, and the coat is strapped shut with the uppermost strap often left undone. At the waist, the coat is held by his belts. The shoulders of his longcoat seem to be overlaid with armor. He wears brown fingeless gloves with silver colored knuckles, quite possibly a steel alloy of sorts.


Shade loves to gamble, first and formost. His favorite game of chance is Blackjack, which he can never seem to win. If not playing games, he is either drinking something, smoking something, shooting empty beer cans, or hitting on the ladies. Beyond this, he is loyal to his friends, and should anyone of them get hurt, Shade isn't one to show mercy. As a reoccuring joke, he calls Sadow "Sad-sack", but means no harm. Shade is also prone to fits of swearing when angry, or even when he wants to get his point across.


Lucy-His favorite gun. He often uses it to kill those he veiws deserving of the worst punishments he can devise.

It-Shade's rifle. It is only brought out under the most dire of circumstances, such as demons. It's true name is currently unknown.

Magicproof jacket-His coat was created from a strange fiber that is immune to most non-demonic magic, providing a very easy way to protect himself from a magical assult.


Dragon Bullets: Shade is able to charge his shots with magic of all levels, except where he hasn't mastered a certain spell. All of the known DB's are listed below. All of the spells have unique "charging animations" depending on the type and the level.

DB Fire

Fire-A faint red spiral loops around Shade's arm, moving to whichever gun he is using to harness the magic, causing the gun to glow red, and it adds an explosive element to the bullet when fired.

Fira-The spiral becomes more visible than last time, as well as a second spiral appears, which together looks like a strand of DNA. The gun glows a brighter red-orange, and the bullet's explode with greater force.

DB Blizzard

Blizzard-The gun starts to freeze the air inside the barrel, extending it a slight amount. This allows the bullet to generate more force after the trigger is pulled. The bullet also has the power to freeze anything it touches, for a short while.

DB Aero

DB Thunder