"And it was that our empire fell, plunged into darkness as the world embraced its fear, and handed us our deaths."
—The Tides of Empire

The Tessiturian Empire of Orissita is a former great empire of Ivalice as well a former ally of the Holy Dark Empire, situated with its sister nation on the Orissita continent. Their culture and strength was praised around the world as the greatest on the planet and was the dominate power on the planet with the Holy dark Empire. However their strength was garnered through their massive strides in technology and trade, as the Tessiturian Empire had no formal military and were a pacifist nation. Their protection came in the form of the Holy Dark empire who they had aligned themselves with near the beginning of time. The Tessiturian Empire is the first, last and only empire the Holy dark Empire has aligned itself with and protected them due to the influence of both of their churches and respect for the flow of life's circle.


The Royal city of Tessituria

However, during the War of Symmetry, in where demons invaded planet to reach salvation, the Holy dark Empire was forced to devote its entire military to repelling the demon horde and the Tessiturian Empire was left defenseless. It was during this time that forces from around the globe converged on the Tessiturians and destroyed their entire country. Years of their rule had made the other nations paranoid and fearful of their power, and with the Holy dark Empire preoccupied they saw it as a chance to destroy every Tessiturian for good.

With no means to defend themselves the Tessiturians were helpless as their entire empire and race were wiped out by the fearful nations. However, the former empress managed to smuggle out her only son and former prince of the empire Mahara Colst, the last Tessiturian.