The Crusades are a war based in Kusha over territory and religion. The main participants are Brittannia, led by Alexander the Great in an attempt to reclaim the Holy Land, and Kusha, lead by the dreaded Emperor Kanishka. Brittannia employs, for the first time, Mercenary groups to fight in battle with them due to Kusha's size in military. One of said Mercenary groups happens to be Akihiro's Band, the Antagonist organization of the storyline.



Brittannia has offered immediate entry to Heaven if one of their soldiers dies in battle. Thus, many men and women hurriedly volunteer for the benefit. Along with this, Alexander has allowed the employment of Mercenaries to fight alongside the main forces simply due to the size difference in armies between Kusha and Brittannia. Along with this, many technological advances have aloud machines of war such as tanks and cannons to enter the fray.

Shiva, the Energy source for Kanishka's Trump Card in the Crusades.

Kusha, on the other hand, has overwhelming strength in both number and firepower. They have employed the use of Dark magic and other Demonic practices in the field. Along with this, due to the battlefront being in Kusha, they have the home-field advantage. Mimicking Alexander's recruitment methods, Kanishka has taught his people that any attempts to defend their homeland will reward them entry into a Utopia-like paradise where only pleasure and ecstasy exist. At this, many have took up arms against Brittannia for the sake of said reward.


Key to Eden

Unknowingly wielded by Alexander, the Key to Eden is a powerful sword that, upon consuming enough Demonic blood, it can open the Gate to Eden within Kusha and unlock another world.