Title Anju of Magic, Tivites
Age Unknown (appears 8-10)
Height 4,11
Weight 75lbs
Weapon none
Ultimate Weapon Doom Desire
Summon Ultima
Laterality Right
Home Zekovliak, the center of magic
Elemental Color Pale Blue
Primary Role Anju of Magic
Special Ability Sheer Regreshion
Allies None
Family none

Tivites is an unknown lifeform of mysterious origins who weilds dazziling magic power. He is said to be a simple profit of the god of magic, but others claim him to be the god himself. Regardless Tivites rests in the center of the worlds magic captial, in a place where mear men can not tread.

Yet it is said those who can reach Tivites cradel are belssed with outstanding magical power and new wisdom.

"It is the inevitable fate of all thing to end. With the knowledge that someday the rising and setting sun will never appear again makes fate all the more apparent. yet it is in this inevitability we find comfort,find closure in a true end."'


Tivites takes the appearance of a young boy no older then eleven years of age. He dresses in a style simmiler to buddest monks donning a long orange robe wrapped leaving his arms and upper chest exposed. He has mid length shaggy white blue hair, a red chakra on his forehead and large magenta eyes . His left upper arm has a golden band and he also wears a golden necklace. He is also one of the only characters who goes barefoot for the entirety of his appearance