Umbria is a snow-colored chocobo that lives and works for the Guardian Corps in Lindum as a transport/carrier bird, but with eyes only for Lightning. Due to an unfortunate accident with a pack of Goronopsid's, Umbria is missing an eye and relies heavily on the rider to let her know where she's going.

Umbria was previously living in the Font of Namva on the Archylte Steppe with the rest of the chocobo pack, and was often the chocobo that Lightning chose to ride, but willingly took Lightning back to Lindum after her team left her behind on duty one day, and refused to leave when Lightning shooed her off. Currently, she lives in the chocobo pen within the Guardian Corps headquarters, and Lightning tends to take her out on patrol sometimes or, if not too dangerous, out on scouting and expedition missions. Because of her protective and jealous manner, Umbria can only be rode by Lighting.