100 years before Yuna's pilgrimage Yocun sets off to defeat the bane of Spira itself: Sin. With the help of her guardians Barton and Silva, soon joined by Gillespie, they are tasked with bringing the Calm to Spira, but not every journey can be so easy. There is corruption in the Crusaders as well. Maester Dammen's mysterious new adviser Maldus has some incriminating skeletons in his closet and its imperative that Yocun and party save Spira from this threat before an even worse fate befalls Spira.

Major Subplots

  • Barton deals with being unable to learn basic white magic spells and worries that he may be a hindrance to the pilgrimage.
  • In order to avoid being a priestess, Gillespie tries to lose her virginity.
  • Kiltia is selected to replace Silva as temporary captain of the Chocobo Knights against her wishes, and now Kiltia must prove to her former superior that she's ready for the job.


Main characters

  • Yocun - (7 chapters) A former Crusader born in Lake Macalania. Chooses to leave the Crusaders to become a summoner in an effort to defeat Sin once and for all.
  • Barton - (7 chapters) A low-level infantry soldier from Yocun's regimen also from Lake Macalania. Joins Yocun's party due to his crush on her and proves his usefulness by being party's white mage.
  • Silva - (7 chapters) Rude captain of the Chocobo Knights. No motivation to join Yocun's party other than having been offered. Does not speak of her childhood.
  • Gillespie - (5 chapters) Yocun's 14-year-old bratty foster sister raised in Lake Macalania. Due to the death of her family, she does not remember where she was born.

Recurring characters

  • Maldus - (2 chapters) Maester Dammen's mysterious adviser who has taken an interest in Yocun's pilgrimage. His motives are unclear.
  • O'aka XX - (2 chapters) A traveling merchant who befriends the summoner party and offers his help if they should ever meet on the road.
  • Zolono - (2 chapters) Head priest of the temple at Lake Macalania and foster father to Gillespie.
  • Kaley - (1 chapter) Barton's younger sister with whom he does not get along.
  • Maester Dammen - (1 chapter) One of three maesters of Yevon. He runs the Crusaders and is considered by Yocun to be a close friend.
  • Kiltia - (1 chapter) Interim captain of the Chocobo Knights while Silva serves as guardian to Yocun. Stereotypical rich girl who is believed to be too dumb to lead the knights.